Book 2 -Dragonfly in Amber Part I

Saturday, March 11th, 2017- Scott was getting settled in with Dragonfly in Amber, the second book in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.  Once again, if you don’t want spoilers please stop reading! You’ve been warned. The second book is their trip to France, finding the Bonnie Prince,  and trying to stop the Battle of Culloden. The first text came at 6:36PM. ” So now I know Jamie dies in that battle and the Randall’s move to America. Also I think that woman that wants to marry the historian dude is Geillis Duncan, but I’m not positive.” Well that theory thoroughly confused me as I thought he was speaking about Brianna, Jamie and Claire’s daughter. He wasn’t. He was talking about Fiona, the housekeeper of the Wakefield estate. She’s the granddaughter of Mrs. Graham which was the caller for the ritual performed at the Standing Stones. I was also shocked by the idea that a man reading this book would think Jamie was dead. No woman would dare to believe that! Jamie is the backbone of this novel. He’s every woman’s dream man. No way that character would die in an eight+ book series, at least certainly not in book one. I don’t think any woman reading this novel would have accepted his “death” like Scott did. But we moved on because I didn’t want to make too much a fuss about how he was just willing to believe Jamie dead. ” She (Claire) wanted to find Geillis. I wonder what the hell she’d say to her? You haven’t met me but you’re going to go back in time and be burned as a witch! And I will almost too?  I just don’t know what she’ll say or do. And I don’t think Geillis ever gave any hint she had actually met Claire. Just that she knew Claire was also from the future. ” After we discussed what we would say to try and convince someone of such a thing while all the while trying to not come off as insane, we gave up. We moved on to another character. Black Jack Randall. “I think he must not have actually been trampled at the prison. His gravestone had the 1746 date.” So let me get this straight…Scott thinks it can be pretty easy to kill a good guy in a book but he instantly distrusted the death of a bad guy?! A bad guy that was trampled by a herd of cattle. That’s man brain for you! In a romance novel…if the villain can survive a few “deaths”, you can bet your vagina that the lead man will!

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Book 1- Outlander

As I have warned before….This will contain spoilers. If you have not read Outlander and you do not want any spoilers, stop here and go read it. We’ll still be here when you return….

Monday, March 6th, 2017-that’s the date it all started. Scott was somewhere in the Souteast. He had started Outlander the day before. On Monday he shot me a text and I asked him how he was enjoying the book. “Outlander is pretty interesting so far. I’m up to the point where Claire meets a woman who knows how to give abortions.” Oh yes, Geillis Duncan! I like how the abortion giving ability was what he thought I would remember about her character the most. That’s good ole Scott for you! Later he admitted to me that the reason he didn’t call characters by name was because listening to the audible does not help with spelling. And in this book there is a lot of Scottish & Gaelic which unless you’re familiar with, it is impossible to spell from it’s pronunciation!

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The beginning…

So my friend J and I are in two book clubs together. With the two, we read a wide variety of books. One book club brought us to the fine world of Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Both J and I have read the entire series now. One day while chatting with our friend Scott (from now on we’ll call him by his trucker name…Scott) we mentioned that he may enjoy the book series because of the historical fiction aspect of it. He’s really into listening to audible during his days of hauling loads here and there. He had just finished Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson and decided to give Outlander a try. What he didn’t know was that Outlander would turn him into a 15 year old girl with a sailor’s mouth (or a trucker’s mouth?!?! Is that a thing?).  This blog is the hilarity that ensued via text messages between J, Scott, and myself. Obviously future posts will contain spoilers if you have not read the books. If you have we hope you enjoy the reactions of our friend Scott and his journey with Red Jamie and his Sassenach!

Ye are blood of my blood, and bone of my bone, I give ye my body, that we many might be one. I give ye my spirit, ’til our blog shall be done.