Book 2 -Dragonfly in Amber Part I

Saturday, March 11th, 2017- Scott was getting settled in with Dragonfly in Amber, the second book in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.  Once again, if you don’t want spoilers please stop reading! You’ve been warned. The second book is their trip to France, finding the Bonnie Prince,  and trying to stop the Battle of Culloden. The first text came at 6:36PM. ” So now I know Jamie dies in that battle and the Randall’s move to America. Also I think that woman that wants to marry the historian dude is Geillis Duncan, but I’m not positive.” Well that theory thoroughly confused me as I thought he was speaking about Brianna, Jamie and Claire’s daughter. He wasn’t. He was talking about Fiona, the housekeeper of the Wakefield estate. She’s the granddaughter of Mrs. Graham which was the caller for the ritual performed at the Standing Stones. I was also shocked by the idea that a man reading this book would think Jamie was dead. No woman would dare to believe that! Jamie is the backbone of this novel. He’s every woman’s dream man. No way that character would die in an eight+ book series, at least certainly not in book one. I don’t think any woman reading this novel would have accepted his “death” like Scott did. But we moved on because I didn’t want to make too much a fuss about how he was just willing to believe Jamie dead. ” She (Claire) wanted to find Geillis. I wonder what the hell she’d say to her? You haven’t met me but you’re going to go back in time and be burned as a witch! And I will almost too?  I just don’t know what she’ll say or do. And I don’t think Geillis ever gave any hint she had actually met Claire. Just that she knew Claire was also from the future. ” After we discussed what we would say to try and convince someone of such a thing while all the while trying to not come off as insane, we gave up. We moved on to another character. Black Jack Randall. “I think he must not have actually been trampled at the prison. His gravestone had the 1746 date.” So let me get this straight…Scott thinks it can be pretty easy to kill a good guy in a book but he instantly distrusted the death of a bad guy?! A bad guy that was trampled by a herd of cattle. That’s man brain for you! In a romance novel…if the villain can survive a few “deaths”, you can bet your vagina that the lead man will!

The next day around the same time the texts starting flying in. ” Oh shit, Jack’s back! I knew he couldn’t be dead. And then Dougal dick face shows up again too. And disappears as quick as he came. Mary got raped, and Jack’s brother, Alex, got fired from his job and went back to England. I feel like a lot is going to have to happen in a short amount of time. Because Claire obviously gets back to her time before she has the kid. And if they time jumped…Then she’s more pregnant than she was.” Yeah, by 200 years! “I assume Mary is in the show. Since she’s supposed to marry Jack. Although I don’t know how that’s going to happen. Since she’s in love with his brother Alex. And he took off back to England and she seemed intent on following him.” I confirmed she was indeed in the show as well. I also informed him that she was a tiny little thing of a woman. Now if you know Scott…you’ll understand that this intrigued him. Scott likes women. But petite/young…that’s his sweet spot. So of course I got “Well, I just looked at who plays Mary. Very nice. Holy shit, she is tiny. Group pic on her IMDb and she’s like a foot shorter than everyone else. And those big eyes! She’s 22. Born the year I graduated high school *insert creepy smiley face like only Scott could*” I figured it was best to get him off this topic before his conversation got really deep in that dark rabbit hole. We then focused on the character of Claire for a bit and her casting for the show. Scott’s only opinion on that was “She’s too old for Claire, technically. And she doesn’t look like she has a nice fat ass, as Jamie said in the book.” Apparently the actress wasn’t his cup of tea and we completely went in another direction. The Mother Hildegard direction. From talking about ass to speaking of a Nun, this is what I’ve come to expect when dealing with Scott. “I kind of want that Hildegard woman to be a famous composer. But the only Hildegard I know in classical music lived in the 1100’s.” I informed him that it was entirely possible because I know the author did base some characters from real people throughout history. I looked it up for him just in case spoilers were lurking everywhere. Come to find out, Mother Hildegard was based off a 12th century German composer! “Well that’s who I was thinking of! I’ve got a couple CDs with some of her music. Early music is awesome! It’s mostly vocal. Although I have one CD with a brass quintet arrangement of one of her songs. You should YouTube it. ” Scott, you are an enigma. I would have never known about the real life Hildegard if you didn’t have that information stored somewhere in that strange strange brain of yours. Thanks buddy!

The next day we were at it again. “I’m on Chapter 34. But quite a lot has happened. A miscarriage, child molestation, a duel, and a bit of light prostitution.” His summaries always make me laugh. For some reason I pictured the last text with Scott as a weatherman…Today there will be some bad shit followed by a little bit of light prostitution in the areas here, here, and here. “Now they’re back in Scotland and probably unaware of an impending disaster. I wasn’t sure if Fergus spoke English or not. But if he didn’t he sure picked it up by the time they got to Scotland.” Poor Fergus…if he were to hang around the brothel any longer I’m sure he would have picked up something worse than English.

Ye are blood of my blood, and bone of my bone, I give ye my body, that we many might be one. I give ye my spirit, ’til our blog shall be done.




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