Book 3-Voyager Part II

Thursday March 23rd, 2017 @ 6:59PM “I have a new theory. So I wondered why there was a scene at Claire’s hospital where some guy brings Abernathy some old bones. Bones of a white lady who died 200 years ago in Jamaica. Well now that they’re almost in Jamaica it seems clear that Claire is going to meet whoever those bones belong to. And I think it might be that Swedish bitch named Anarchy or whatever.” Swedish character named Anarchy? Does anyone else know who he’s talking about? I had no clue so on a separate text I sent to just J I asked “Do you know who he’s talking about? I don’t want to ask and therefore make it clear that whoever he’s talking about obviously doesn’t have a big part cause I have to ask who they are.” J texted me right back with a “Ha, I was just about to ask you if you knew who he was talking about!” So we were clueless and just had to wait it out. You’ll find out later in this post who he’s talking about.

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Book 3- Voyager Part I

Voyager is the third book in the Outlander series. It continues the tale of a 20th century nurse, now surgeon, and her time traveling adventures. It starts in the 20th century where Claire and her daughter are in Boston. In this book you find out about Claire’s life since she returned from the past/Jamie/standing stones. She returned to her 20th century husband pregnant with her 18th century husband’s baby! (Talk about a secret double life!) Once their daughter, Brianna, is grown and in college Claire finally decides to look up her lost love from the 18th century to see if he might have survived the Battle of Culloden somehow. She finds out he did. He hid in a cave for a bit before getting sent off to prison. Then after prison sent to be a stable hand at a place called Hellwater. After which he started his own Print shop. At that point, Claire went to him. Their adventure continues over the ocean. This book is my favorite. It contains shipwrecks, Jamaica, love children, death, a crazy perverted Asian dude, romance, whore houses, smuggling, Swedish goats, and time travel! Doesn’t get much better than that!

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Book 2- Dragonfly in Amber Part II

Chapter 42-“I’m on the verge of insanity with how often Jamie says Sassenach. Jesus, you can only hear the same shitty Gaelic word so many times. Blech. That’s what all those fucking guttural Scottish words sound like.” Well someone didn’t seem to be in a good mood today! Guess he woke up on the wrong side of the truck or possibly with a lot lizard in bed with him. He calmed down enough to tell me where he was in the book. ” Anyways, the war has begun. They’ve just gotten to Jamie’s Grandfather’s castle to persuade him to send the Fraser Clan to support Charles. And Black Jack reappeared to get Claire to help his dying brother. Who I’m now certain isn’t going to be having kids with anybody. So my theory goes out the window.” Scott was convinced that Mary and Alex were going to be married and she would be popping out their babies. His theory was back on the next day though. “Damn, I WAS right! Alex is the father!” Make up your mind Scott! “She misdirected me with him being sick.” Scott, sick people have babies too. The common cold stops no man. Well…..stops no woman. Men get the tiniest sniffle and they start filing for disability.

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