Book 2- Dragonfly in Amber Part II

Chapter 42-“I’m on the verge of insanity with how often Jamie says Sassenach. Jesus, you can only hear the same shitty Gaelic word so many times. Blech. That’s what all those fucking guttural Scottish words sound like.” Well someone didn’t seem to be in a good mood today! Guess he woke up on the wrong side of the truck or possibly with a lot lizard in bed with him. He calmed down enough to tell me where he was in the book. ” Anyways, the war has begun. They’ve just gotten to Jamie’s Grandfather’s castle to persuade him to send the Fraser Clan to support Charles. And Black Jack reappeared to get Claire to help his dying brother. Who I’m now certain isn’t going to be having kids with anybody. So my theory goes out the window.” Scott was convinced that Mary and Alex were going to be married and she would be popping out their babies. His theory was back on the next day though. “Damn, I WAS right! Alex is the father!” Make up your mind Scott! “She misdirected me with him being sick.” Scott, sick people have babies too. The common cold stops no man. Well…..stops no woman. Men get the tiniest sniffle and they start filing for disability.

“I have to say Murtagh gets more awesome as I go. He managed to get into the house, behead the Duke of Sandringham and escape.” Can we just take a moment here and appreciate the greatness of Murtagh?! If I had to pick a ride or die character from this book…It’d be Murtagh. There isn’t a better bad ass in the series!

“I won’t be done til the morning, but she’s back to the present now. Hunting Geillis Duncan. I still don’t know what they’re going to tell her. Everything I suppose.” Yet another book he was flying through. Was on target to finish this one in 6 days! That’s super impressive. Especially for a man listening to what boils down to be a romance novel. We chatted for a bit more before ending for the night. “I did expect Roger to be a descendant from Dougal. But I didn’t expect him to be a descendant from Geillis. I just don’t know what Claire’s goal is with Geillis. If she does nothing, Geillis would most likely go back and everything would happen as it did. Unless she thinks that she won’t go back without Claire telling her she’s supposed to.” My only input was that he would see. To which I got, “Yeah. Time travel fucks with your head.”

Ye are blood of my blood, and bone of my bone, I give ye my body, that we many might be one. I give ye my spirit, ’til our blog shall be done.



2 thoughts on “Book 2- Dragonfly in Amber Part II

    • We rank it pretty high up there too! 🙂
      That’s why we had to suggested it to Scott. That and we couldn’t wait to hear his opinion on it. LOL. If you ever wanna chat about it feel free to stop by and start something in our comments! We’d be happy to discuss and theorize with you anytime! And if you have any other romance novel suggestions for him to read, let us know! We hope to continue this after the Outlander series is over and he’s already on book 5!

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