Book 3- Voyager Part I

Voyager is the third book in the Outlander series. It continues the tale of a 20th century nurse, now surgeon, and her time traveling adventures. It starts in the 20th century where Claire and her daughter are in Boston. In this book you find out about Claire’s life since she returned from the past/Jamie/standing stones. She returned to her 20th century husband pregnant with her 18th century husband’s baby! (Talk about a secret double life!) Once their daughter, Brianna, is grown and in college Claire finally decides to look up her lost love from the 18th century to see if he might have survived the Battle of Culloden somehow. She finds out he did. He hid in a cave for a bit before getting sent off to prison. Then after prison sent to be a stable hand at a place called Hellwater. After which he started his own Print shop. At that point, Claire went to him. Their adventure continues over the ocean. This book is my favorite. It contains shipwrecks, Jamaica, love children, death, a crazy perverted Asian dude, romance, whore houses, smuggling, Swedish goats, and time travel! Doesn’t get much better than that!

Thursday, March 16th, 2017 at 7:27AM I got the following text. “What. The. Fuck.” After I laughed at this response for a few minutes and woke up, I texted Scott back asking what  had him so rattled. ” In the flashback to where Brianna was a baby. Frank sucked her tit. The one that was still full. It’s weird. I guess they patched things up. To a point, anyway.” I had already warned Scott of such things happening in this book series.  If you know me, I have a problem with that being a thing in Romance novels. Well, technically I only have a problem with the word “suckle” when used in a sexual manner. That’s gross. That word is reserved for babies only. BABIES ONLY!!! It is a romance novel constant. Holy crap, I was amazed at how often men wanted to “suckle” on some milky boobies. Or just plain boobies. It happens and is discussed more in Romance novels than the actual sex! Does this only bother me? Maybe. And don’t even get me started on the term “nut meat” and how disturbing it is!

Anyways moving on…the next information I got from Scott was where he discovers Jamie living in a cave. No Claire to satisfy Jamie’s manly needs so his sister sends him a widow to help with that. “I latched onto the very English phraseology/turn of phrase. How the author said that even though Jamie doesn’t want to have sex with her that his body disagreed with that notion and that it was plainly obvious to anyone that cared to look. The fucking happens off camera. There’s no scenes of it. He submits. That’s all I remember about that scene but I quite enjoyed it.” Well alrighty then, Scott was definitely in it to win it at this point. Loving the writing and romantical parts of the book. The only part he wasn’t into was the names of characters…”Well, Claire has gone back to the past. Throw out my theory that Brianna and Roger would go with her. I’ve been through the Edinburgh adventures and Claire find out about Leera.” To which I informed him it was actually spelled Laoghaire. “That’s how that’s spelled? Fucking shitty Scottish language.”

“Right now they’re having a big gathering with all Jenny’s kids and grand kids. But Claire and Jenny haven’t had their inevitable confrontation about Claire coming back and fucking shit up for Jamie. I’m not sure what will happen. Claire obviously isn’t leaving like she intended before she found out Jamie got shot by Laoghaire. They may move back to Edinburgh. She forgave pretty quickly.” I asked Scott if he thought Laoghaire would just sit back and let that happen,  “Well, no. But I don’t know what she’ll be able to do about it.” There was a pause in the text for a few moments while he was thinking and then he sent the best solution he could think of,  “Hot three way action?” But with Jamie being so is he going to get out of one marriage to be back in the other?!? “I don’t know. Claire frankly should have considered that possibility before jumping back for that Scottish cock. But if she hadn’t, the series would have ground to a halt.” Do you think if she knew sooner that Jamie was still alive she would have left Frank to go back? “Probably not. But only because of Brianna. I can’t picture her leaving Brianna while she’s still a child.” Which just brings me to more questions. Why did Claire not try to find out sooner if Jamie survived? I know she told Frank to make things work she wouldn’t focus on Jamie. However, once he started cheating and such, it seems like a good enough reason to break that promise. Especially for a love like theirs. Find out if he survived. If he did, take your child and go back to him. If he didn’t move on. But why wait in a marriage of convenience for so long without knowing? We determined the only answer was because that’s what the author wanted, and we moved on.

When we asked Scott where Brianna was and what she was up to, “Brianna isn’t doing anything. I was feeling like now that she(the author) has Claire and Jamie back together that she doesn’t care about anything else. And now I get to hear Sassenach every fourth fucking sentence again. It was a nice short break for a third of a book.” I still don’t understand his hatred for that term. When I was reading the book I definitely wasn’t tired of it and would use it as much as I could in real life. That probably annoyed others, but not me!

Ye are blood of my blood, and bone of my bone, I give ye my body, that we many might be one. I give ye my spirit, ’til our blog shall be done.



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