Book 3-Voyager Part II

Thursday March 23rd, 2017 @ 6:59PM “I have a new theory. So I wondered why there was a scene at Claire’s hospital where some guy brings Abernathy some old bones. Bones of a white lady who died 200 years ago in Jamaica. Well now that they’re almost in Jamaica it seems clear that Claire is going to meet whoever those bones belong to. And I think it might be that Swedish bitch named Anarchy or whatever.” Swedish character named Anarchy? Does anyone else know who he’s talking about? I had no clue so on a separate text I sent to just J I asked “Do you know who he’s talking about? I don’t want to ask and therefore make it clear that whoever he’s talking about obviously doesn’t have a big part cause I have to ask who they are.” J texted me right back with a “Ha, I was just about to ask you if you knew who he was talking about!” So we were clueless and just had to wait it out. You’ll find out later in this post who he’s talking about.

“There are an awful lot of coincidences in these books. Claire ends up on a British war ship and runs into gay John Gray (although they don’t recognize each other). Then she jumps off the boat and happens to meet the naturalist Jamie talked to about spiders. They’re on the beach with the French soldiers now. Just got reunited.” Okay, so they were just reunited after Claire volunteered to help a ship with a sick crew that ended up sailling off with her. She jumps ship and then as the reader you discover Jamie was on board the ship to rescue her. I asked Scott if finding this out angered him as much as it did me. I mean, Claire should have known he was coming and would never let someone just take her.  “Yeah. Stupid bitch didn’t think he’d try to come find her? He did seem to catch up to the Porpoise awfully quickly. And he managed to find her awfully quickly too.” The only thing I have to say about that is…it’s a romance novel, damsel saving is what it does best! It’s in the ink of every pen stroke!

The next text from him was another mystery to us. “Never trust a Swede.” Who is this Swede?!?!

Friday,  March 24th, 2017 @ 7:40PM “HOLY SHIT GEILLIS DUNCAN IS ALIVE!! and she’s a lying, thieving, bitch, too. I want to know why she stole that picture of Brianna. I think she wants to find her if she goes back to the future. But I hope her ass gets arrested for murder. Because she’s a husband killing black widow cunt. Incidentally, if she goes back to almost the same time she left how the fuck is she going to explain being 25 years older than when she left?” Man, I had been waiting for this to happen for what seemed like forever. Geillis Duncan, to me, makes the perfect villain in this novel. She’s crazy and murderous without all the buggery and flogging! And don’t forget she’s harder to kill than a coachroach it seems. I also found it interesting that Scott was focused more on why she wanted the picture of Brianna and what she was going to do with it than on what happened to all the young boys she stole. And he said nothing about Ian!

“By the way, Fergus’s wedding was the funniest scene in all the books so far. That preacher asking about whether Fergus still had his cock would have had me on the floor if I hadn’t been driving. I hope they do that scene in the show.” This was another part that Scott focused on more than me. The thing that stuck out the most during the whole Fergus getting married thing to me was the fact that Jamie and Claire adopted him and gave him their last name. I guess that’s another difference between a man and a woman reading this book.

Saturday, March 25th, 2017 @  11:33AM ” I finished Voyager this morning. Kind of caught me off guard. I knew I had to be close to the end, but then they find out they’ve landed in Georgia and it just stopped. I was a bit disappointed to have such a tiny reference from Claire to the fact that the bones she examined with Abernathy were Geillis Duncan.  I should have realized those bones were hers as soon as she showed back up but I don’t think I got it until they all went to the cave.” Well he finished the book and my only thought was who was this damn Swede you kept talking about?!? “Her name sounded like Anarchy. She kept goats on the Porpoise. Tried to help Claire escape, then told her she could jump off the ship and the current would take her to another island.” Oh. The goat lady. Well, all that build up for a character that lasted all of 2 minutes. Dang.

I was surprised that throughout this entire book Scott never talked about the character of Mr. Willoughby. Mr Willoughby was a Chinese exile living in Edinburough. Jamie took him in. He didn’t hold his booze very well and had a strange foot fetish. I asked Scott his opinions on this character. “I had liked him for along time until I found out he was a murderer. His foot perversion was a little odd. But then I found out he hated Jamie and Jamie took him in. He didn’t actually kill that woman so that was good. Beyond that, I liked him as a character until the end of his arch where he vanishes.  I had heard of foot binding but never heard of anyone wanting to fuck the foot afterwards. I don’t even know what to say about that.” And with that Scott entered the Drums of Autumn…

Ye are blood of my blood, and bone of my bone, I give ye my body, that we many might be one. I give ye my spirit, ’til our blog shall be done.



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