Drums of Autumn

“I just got to part 2. Where we finally get a Brianna chapter. I wonder if we’ll hear her talking to Jamie and Claire through Mary Campbell from her perspective.” Part 2 of the 4th book already? “I actually have gotten to part 3. I do drive around all day, after all.”

“I have a strong feeling Roger and Brianna are going to go back. Just heard the chapter where Roger finds out J & C die in a fire in 1776. He saw something from a Wilmington newspaper in a book. Can’t remember what he was actually looking for. He still hasn’t told Brianna about it. And he asked her to marry him but she said not yet” Omg, I was so mad during that! I wanted to slap her and yell at her to marry him! ” Well, she doesn’t want to make the mistake Claire made marrying and then finding her true love after. But I felt bad for Roger. He refused to even fuck her even though she wanted to. All or nothing for him. Oh, and gay John Gray has shown up at Fraser’s ridge with Jamie’s son in tow. Gray’s wife died on the way to Jamaica. He found out about some land in Virginia that Jamie’s son owns or something. So they came to America to find it. And they stopped at Jamie’s OTW.” Are you surprised that no one else figured it out that William was Jamie’s son while he was growing up? “Well, yeah, people at Hellwater, sure. But Ian figured it out pretty quick.”

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