Drums of Autumn

“I just got to part 2. Where we finally get a Brianna chapter. I wonder if we’ll hear her talking to Jamie and Claire through Mary Campbell from her perspective.” Part 2 of the 4th book already? “I actually have gotten to part 3. I do drive around all day, after all.”

“I have a strong feeling Roger and Brianna are going to go back. Just heard the chapter where Roger finds out J & C die in a fire in 1776. He saw something from a Wilmington newspaper in a book. Can’t remember what he was actually looking for. He still hasn’t told Brianna about it. And he asked her to marry him but she said not yet” Omg, I was so mad during that! I wanted to slap her and yell at her to marry him! ” Well, she doesn’t want to make the mistake Claire made marrying and then finding her true love after. But I felt bad for Roger. He refused to even fuck her even though she wanted to. All or nothing for him. Oh, and gay John Gray has shown up at Fraser’s ridge with Jamie’s son in tow. Gray’s wife died on the way to Jamaica. He found out about some land in Virginia that Jamie’s son owns or something. So they came to America to find it. And they stopped at Jamie’s OTW.” Are you surprised that no one else figured it out that William was Jamie’s son while he was growing up? “Well, yeah, people at Hellwater, sure. But Ian figured it out pretty quick.”

“Well, I was right that Brianna intended to go back. I didn’t think she’d be as reckless as her mother and go back alone. She just got to Lallybroch and met Leera (Laoghaire).” I agree that I’m not really sure why Bri would go alone or at least not even give Roger that option. She loves him and he loves her so I’m not sure why shouldn’t wouldn’t give him that option. Seemed very selfish of her leaving the way she did.

“Well, I just heard the beginning of Roger and Brianna’s reunion. So far neither of them have handled it well. Brianna screamed and Roger grabbed her as if he meant to kidnap her.” Love is weird. Makes you do things. That’s all I have to say about that. LOL.

“And I think this Lizzy is going to end up marrying Ian when she’s old enough And Roger just popped Brianna’s cherry. A bunch times. In a shed.” Lizzy marry Ian? That’s crazy and will never happen! No one man can tame that beast of a maiden! But Bri and Roger? I was so excited about their reunion. But a shed? Really? I figured their “union” would be more romantic especially with all the waiting. I mean, after reading it all I was okay with how it happened, it just wasn’t something I expected.

“Well she did ask if he was abnormally large. Apparently Roger is packing some serious heat. He hurt her. ” That’s a MacKenzie for you. Satisfying women since the 18th century with their Highland Games.

Wednesday March 29th @ 3:42PM “I think Brianna’s an idiot. She lets Claire put Roger’s name out as Wakefield. There’s no way she didn’t hear him call himself MacKenzie. Lizzy knew he was going by MacKenzie too. They(Brianna, Lizzy, and Roger) were all in the same room at the time.  Also, Brianna makes a Monty Python reference. She references a sketch that hadn’t actually aired yet. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition didn’t air until September 1970 and Brianna left in April 1970. Dianna fucked that one right up.” Oh man, Scott’s getting a little worked up about this….”BTW, I’m even more pissed now. First of all, the author’s created a completely artificial conflict. I guess with everybody so settled in this book, she thinks not enough bad shit has happened. Lizzy knew Roger was going by MacKenzie, the only reason Brianna shouldn’t know it is so he can have a violent confrontation with Jamie because Lizzy thinks he raped her! And to top it off, stupid Brianna let herself get actually raped over that stupid ring! Fucking dumb bitch! Now she thinks the baby isn’t Roger’s, which it still could be, even though he pulled out.” Yep, he was in full rant mode at this point. Which to some extent I agree. I didn’t see a problem with this as I was reading it but after talking to Scott about this subject for what seemed like FOREVER, I’ll agree. Seems like a desperate contrived plot line. However the thing about this that did piss me off while I was reading was the Bri/Bonnet situation. That was just a ridiculous move on the character’s part. She knew what she was getting into by going into his cabin to get that ring. She had to know what would happen in there. She HAD TO! And she didn’t fight it. I’m not saying it wasn’t rape. But I am saying she knew what she was getting in to. If you disagree, you’re wrong…but go ahead and think that. It’s your right.  And what was it all for? To get a stupid ring? A ring of a cheating no good Frank? To hell with Frank. I never liked him anyway.

“I’m in the Roger chapter now, so the confrontation is coming soon. He’s on his way to the ridge. And Claire and Brianna are nowhere near to straighten things out before Jamie rages on him. Fucking stupid Brianna.” Well, I do not think Scott’s a big Brianna fan. But if you really think about it, she’s honestly not that smart. For someone that is so book smart she’s very lacking in the common sense department.

Wednesday, March 29th @ 7:09PM “OMG, a whole chapter gone by and still no resolution to this beating! I don’t know where Roger is and Jamie lied about what he had done and nobody will say that Roger is really a MacKenzie. And fucking Claire has to ask Jamie if he really believes she loves him! Fucking guy can’t go 2 days without sticking his dick in you, bitch, of course he knows! UGH!” Man, this text made me giggle uncontrollably! It seemed like such a girly text from Scott. When I was at this point in the book, I was so worried about what happened to Roger. Who doesn’t LOVE Roger? I mean, he’s such a great guy. Chased after the love of his life into uncertain dangers, went to rob a man to get a gem to protect his lady on her journey back through time, and this is how he’s treated? Beat to crap and left somewhere?!?! Where is Roger?!?!? Also, I like how Scott, like a typical man, relates sex with love. They don’t have to go together. Claire and Jamie had sex on their wedding night and weren’t quite in love then. The two are not mutual inclusive.

“Fucking uncommunicative cunts, every one of them. Claire won’t even tell Jamie she has Frank’s ring back! I’m more mad at Bri now. Jamie kept outright saying that the rapist took her virginity and it never seemed to occur to her to correct him. She also has never apparently said that her and Roger took the marriage vows. So contrived. But the chapter I’m in now is called In Which all is Revealed so maybe we’re about to get some resolution. To everything except maybe where Roger is.  I’m hoping he just shows up. Although I wonder why it would take him that long. He can’t still be in a ditch. It’s been over a month, he actually would be dead. ” Man, Jamie and Ian really screwed up with killing Roger. ” I know they did. And I wont believe Roger’s dead until I hear it. You’re misdirecting me. Dianna also fucked up. Creating such a contrived fake plot line.” Whoa! There’s the Scott I know. Dropping some See-You-Next-Tuesdays and F-bombs.

“And Ian just asked Brianna, at Jamie’s insistence, to marry him. Which is gross. First cousins and all that.” Ian has a rough past so I’m going to cut him some slack….but yeah that crap is gross!

“Yes, I think there will be ranting to do this afternoon. Now I know where Roger is.”

“I’m still in his chapter. We have gone back to the beginning of his ordeal. But he’s just noticed the stone circle. I assume he and Bri won’t be able to go back before the baby is born. So I guess they’ll be stuck in the past.”

“They just got to the scene where they tell roger that she was raped and pregnant. And he’s not sure he can deal, which is ridiculous cause he should be all, that’s ridiculous I don’t care. It could be mine.” Whoa, Scott’s re-acting like a stand up dude. I was proud that that was his reaction to the matter. Cause that is the right reaction to that matter! If you love someone and you find out they were sexually assaulted that is not the time to leave or let your love waver, it’s the time to comfort/protect/heal/support your loved one. Ladies, Scott is single and available if you’re interested. Like I’ve said before he drives all over the US and I’m sure we could arrange for a meeting. Maybe a nice dinner where you two could discuss some steamy scenes from Outlander. Scott enjoys talking about those.

Thursday, March 30th “well yesterday I was annoyed with the all is revealed scene where everyone finds out they beat roger and sent him to the Indians. If she could draw him then why didn’t she make flyers and pass them out!?! Apparently the author didn’t have enough conflict in this book. Even though she told Jamie how much she loved Roger. Jamie still assumed she regretted fucking him, that’s why it was rape. But of course if she had mentioned he was going by MacKenzie not Wakefield…or drawn the pictures the whole thing could have been avoided.” See, I wasn’t joking earlier when I said after FOREVER talking to Scott about this matter…

Most of this paragraph was via phone call with Scott. “Went through all the shit with Bri at River Run. Jocasta bringing in all men for her to marry. The gay judge showing her all the jewels that could be hers and John Gray showing up to marry her cause he wouldn’t want to actually fuck her. She’s hovering between giving up on Roger and not giving up on roger. But I’m interested to see about the engagement to Lord John. I assume its a place holder until Roger returns.” Do you think he will come back? “He better!” We’ll see I guess, until then let’s here a little more about this engagement….”Lord John was not very keen on the idea…he thought Jamie was not going to be happy with him marry Bri. But I think he was wrong about that. Cause Jamie thinks he’s a good dude even though he’s a gay.  Jamie’s experience with gays hasn’t been stellar. Half the gays he knows abused him.” This is where I told Scott that we were going to get so much hate about this paragraph due to Scott’s remarks. “Well that’s what happened. I didn’t write it. I just interpret!” Maybe this is why Scott is still single? He was doing so well just a few paragraphs ago.

Friday, March 31st @ 10:58AM “OMG BRIANNA YOU STUPID FUCKING BITCH YOU ALMOST GOT YOURSELF AND JOHN GRAY KILLED! And for what? Talking to Bonnet accomplished nothing as near as I can tell. God, she’s stupid!. I’d feel bad for her if weren’t so stupid. She went to talk to Bonnet and John got knocked out, she nearly did too, and almost got burned in a fire. And Bonnet escaped.” Well that seems about right.

“Well, Roger finally showed back up. But he’s still being indecisive about why he came back. I don’t know indeed. Stop being a fucking pussy. You just swore an oath on the kid, you ought to know damn well why you came back and stubborn Bri should just accept it. Roger has some of Jamie’s sexual sensibilities…moral code where he wouldn’t fuck Bri until he married her. So there is no surprise he would be skeevy about the raping. I’m almost done with this one, btw. I’ll be done before I make my drop this afternoon. Oh and of course Roger had to get into a dick measuring contest with Jamie, too. Fighting over Brianna’s virtue, and she sits there like a lump on a log. The liberated 20th century woman content to let her husband and father fight over her. Jamie tells him he has to stay until their hand fast marriage is over, then decide whether to stay or go. The he sticks a knife on his chest and says he’ll kill him if he touches Bri without her consent. Then they go outside to fight some more and Roger said he’ll shove Jamie’s head up his ass if he touches him again.”

Then we continued to talk about Roger and his decisions..”He did come back but he can’t seem to decide why. And that’s very important to Bri. She doesn’t want to be in a marriage of obligation like the Randall’s. ” I think it’s obvious why he came back. The dude freaking loves her. He proposed. He followed her through the stones. He survived the Indians. “None of that seems to matter to Bri.” Well, that’s cause she’s dumb. We already established that.

“A theory I had was proven right. I’m not sure I told you. It was proven right but not the way I said it was. It was Ian would marry Lizzy or an Indian woman.Ii thought of that way before Lizzy showed up. Cause he goes hunting with the Indians so much. I mean it’s cause he has to but it worked out. I love they named him wolf brother or something like that. But he’ll never see any of his family again. But I’m sure Ian is quite fond of Emily-works-well-with-her-hands…” I asked him how he felt about Ian being left with the Indians to never see his family or speak his native tongue again. I asked if he could imagine being in that situation and what it would be like…”Shit no, I don’t even want to move out of fucking Cayce. I would not like that one bit. I’m a home body. I don’t like even leaving the house.” Says the guy that drives a truck all over and is only home once a month for 2-3 days.

Friday March 31st 2:06PM “Well, it’s done. Roger and Bri are going to officially marry, fucking finally.” Once he finished we just chatted about a few things. I had mentioned how Roger reminds me a lot of Jamie. His actions, beliefs, and everything. Those two are like clones! “Bri’s probably attracted to him cause he’s like her daddy.” Scott, that’s gross. “Haven’t heard that before? People are attracted to people like their opposite sex parents. Maybe its gross but I’ve heard it.” Alright, enough about that. Cause that’s just gross. That’s worse than Bri marrying Ian. I don’t want to think of my spouse as my parent.

And once again we arrived back at this….”I went in and read some reviews about Drums of Autumn and a lot of people agreed with me that Brianna should have known Roger was going by MacKenzie. I go on and read bad reviews not the good ones. Lots of people did not like that whole plot line with confusion over who Roger was.” At this point, I refused to engage him in this dead horse argument. And with that we moved on to the, in my opinion, worst book of them all….The Fiery Cross….

Ye are blood of my blood, and bone of my bone, I give ye my body, that we many might be one. I give ye my spirit, ’til our blog shall be done.



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